What is Ding Day?

Ding Day is a cycling initiative that aims to create more of a community spirit amongst the two wheeled travellers all over the UK. The concept behind the one day event on Wednesday 12th September is simple and open to commuters, parents, children, basically any cyclist young or old. All you need is a bicycle, a bicycle bell and the spirit to greet other cyclists along your route on that specific day.

Why was Ding Day created?

Ding Day was create by two cycling enthusiasts who have seen the streets of London get greener as well as meaner with more commuters switching to pedal power. Many cyclists have forgotten that they share the roads with others and that everyone is trying to get somewhere, resulting in a less enjoyable experience for everyone. So we wanted to create a day that celebrates cycling and helps make it more of a community event.

How do I take part?

Glad you've made it this far - taking part is the easy and rewarding, all you need to do on Wednesday 12th September is every time you see a fellow cyclist you give a little 'Ding Ding' on your bicycle bell as a gesture of 'hello', they will return your greeting with a 'hello' Ding and hopefully a smile. Keep this up from sun up to sun down whenever you see another cyclist and help to create a fun day around the cycling community.

When is Ding Day?

Wednesday 12th September 2012